Why do I need an architect?

An architect will help to realise you ideas and optimise the value return on what can be a very large and long term investment. While a builder may provide a cheap price for a project an architect will work to achieve your requirements not just what is easiest for the builder. An architect also has experience in dealing with the minefield of Council and authority requirements.

What will I be charged for my project?

Fees are individually negotiated with you dependent on the level of service you require, the type, scale and complexity of the project, and the extent of documentation required for approval. It is important that agreement on fees and scope of work is reached early in the process. Fees can be agreed on the basis of percentage of building cost, an hourly rate, or a fixed lump sum. Fees for domestic work may range from 7% and 18% for full services but may be considerably less for partial services.

Are there any other consultant costs?

Fees for architects services are not the only costs involved in a project. Dependent on the project, other consultants and services will be required. These can be surveyors, hydraulic engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers, fire engineers, mechanical engineers or any other required consultants. Homeplan can suggest consultants as required but fees will need to be worked out with those consultants at the time. Councils and certifying authorities also have fees for processing applications and for other costs such as bonds during construction.

What will my project cost?

Project costs are difficult to assess until the detail and scale of the project is understood. From that point a budget can be worked to, although the final cost is in the hands of tendering builders, and thus the uncertainties of the market.

Do you do projects outside Sydney?

While most of our work is throughout the Sydney region, Homeplan does projects in country NSW and, at times, interstate. For any projects remote to Sydney it is essential that we have good access to necessary information on the site and local Council, and usually a few site visits are also required. For remote projects it is also advantageous to have an actively involved client in the project locality.