About Us

Based in Sydney, Australia, we are Architects, Neighbourhood Planners, Civic Designers, Project Managers, Landscape and Permaculture Designers.

Unit 20 / 22 Hudson Avenue,
Castle Hill
NSW 2154

(02) 8850 7688


Nominated Architect:
John G Bourke ARAIA Reg#2426


We specialise in design and documentation of new buildings and alterations and additions to existing buildings for development approval and construction and we can also see your project through to completion.


We are an established architectural practice with a steady and continual load of diverse work in the Hills District, around Sydney and in country NSW.


We provide design services that explore energy efficiency and offer sustainable solutions both for individual homes, medium density housing and unit buildings. We incorporate passive solar design principles wherever possible and specialise in affordable and autonomous house design. Permaculture principles are practiced and incorporated in project landscaping. We believe in working with nature in harmony and finding solutions that sustain air, water and environmental quality.